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Read with Me, Week 5

As you read chapter 5 this week, you may notice that it is very doctrinal. Packer basically summarizes the doctrine of the incarnation of Jesus Christ. Now, he does it very helpfully. He even draws out some implications for living at the end of the chapter, showing that we must be humble like Jesus (Philippians 2:1-11). But the question lingers, is that the only applicational value for the doctrine of the incarnation? Does applying the incarnation simply mean I "live incarnationally", move into a slum, and help the poor?

While those are valid and good applications (think pioneering missionaries), I believe there is much more that we can draw from the doctrine of the incarnation. 

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Read with Me, Week 4

How can we know that we are truly knowing and worshiping God rightly? This is a question that John Calvin sought to answer in his Institutes of the Christian Religion. Answering this was a difficult task.

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